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Alternative rock artist Grimzlee visits Berea

If you are interested in shock rock with an emotional twist, consider checking out the works of Grimzlee, an alternative artist with a background in the rock and metal music genres.

On January 13, 2024, Grimzlee performed at the Rebel Rebel Studio & Lounge in Berea, Kentucky. At the event, he played all of the songs from his latest album, “A Tale Quite Grim,” and a couple of covers from various artists.

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William Sansbury, also known as Grimzlee, is a producer, singer, and songwriter originally from Hartsville, North Carolina. He currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, where he produces music both for his own brand and for the metal band Atrial.

The origins of the name “Grimzlee” stem from his childhood, where he was an avid watcher of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, as well as his own middle name. Combining the two, with a little bit of tweaking, yielded the name “Grimzlee” as we know it.

“He makes music for the sad kids that just wanna be happy,” the About section of his website reads. “His music has an alternative feel mixed with rock.”

Grimzlee has been playing in rock and metal bands since he was in high school. Among his favorite bands are Asking Alexandria, Bring Me the Horizon, Deftones, and Slipknot, all of which had their part in influencing the sound of his music. However, he gives special praise to “Everlong” by the Foo Fighters.

“This melancholy yet uplifting love song alone has inspired much of my sound,” Grimzlee writes in the About section of his website. “My dream is to write a song that means as much to people as that song has to me.”

The emotional aspect of his music is one he felt very much drawn towards, so he saw fit to launch his own solo career as Grimzlee, where he has recently been on the rise.

On YouTube, the music video and “slow + reverb” versions of his song “Miss Reaper” have, in total, accrued more than 176,000 views on his channel, standing as his two most viewed videos by a wide margin. Other popular songs on his channel include “Break In Me,” “Mistakes,” and “Leave Me,” which all together make up another 64,000 views on his channel.

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On Spotify, he has accrued more than 4 million listens and has over 112,000 monthly listeners as of January 2024. His most popular song, “Miss Reaper,” has amassed over three and a half million listens, with Break In Me and Mistakes following behind at one million listens and 794,000 listens, respectively.

According to Grimzlee, his next stop is in Miami, Florida. He also mentioned the possibility of a summer tour, so if you’re interested in seeing Grimzlee perform live, check out his website for updates regarding live shows and gatherings, as well as the links to his various social media profiles.

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