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7 resources available to Berea College students right now

Coming to Berea College as a freshman—and even returning as an upperclassman—can bring its own anxieties and challenges to students that may often struggle to overcome. While every step on the way to completing your Berea experience has its trials, there are many departments and groups on campus dedicated to helping students acclimate to their environment—whether they’re moving in for the first time or have been attending for years.

There are many resources available to freshmen and upperclassmen alike. Joel Wilson, Assistant Director of Specialized Services at Berea College, has provided some guidance regarding what various resources on campus can do for students. In no particular order, here are seven great resources available to students

1. Student Success & Transition

Image courtesy of Michael Heacock Architects

This department is essential to surviving in the Berea climate—especially for first-year students. They specialize in helping students with their workloads, keeping them on track with all of the readings, projects, and other assignments assigned by their professors.

They can be found towards the back end of Stephenson Hall. There is a side entrance to the hall that will lead you directly to Student Success & Transition.

2. Cultural Centers

The various cultural centers on campus are about creating safe spaces and avenues of connecting with students that have a similar cultural backgrounds.

For a lot of students that are coming to Kentucky from out of state—or even out of the country—a cultural center can go a long way in helping students feel like they belong somewhere while they’re far from home.

The Black Cultural Center and Espacio Cultural Latinx can be found in the Alumni Building, and the Appalachian Center is in Stephenson Hall.

3. Counseling Services

To dedicate oneself to their studies, which is the ultimate goal of Berea College, better mental health is key.

Counseling Services offers one-on-one therapy sessions, group sessions, couple’s counseling, and even diagnoses for students. They are very flexible in when sessions can be held and which counselor a student would like to see.

Counseling Services can be found in room 100 of Fairchild Hall.

4. Office of Internships & Career Development

When it comes to setting yourself up for success beyond Berea, the Office of Internships and Career Development is equipped to provide career guidance and take the first steps towards finding a summer internship and making connections for a professional career later down the line.

The Office of Internships & Career Development can be found in Stephenson Hall.

5. Campus Christian Center

Image courtesy of the Campus Christian Center

For people in which spirituality is important, it may be necessary to seek some spiritual support or guidance, and the Campus Christian Center is able to address that.

Despite its name, the Campus Christian Center caters to more religious identities than those of the Christian faith—there are chaplains of various traditions available for students to talk to, and every residence hall has at least one chaplain to provide guidance to their peers.

The Campus Christian Center can be found in Draper Hall just beside the chapel.

6. bell hooks center

The bell hooks center, named in the honor of the late and great bell hooks, is a center dedicated to gender equity and representing those that have been historically underrepresented. Many initiatives regarding social justice stem from this center.

The bell hooks center can be found on the first floor of Draper Hall.

7. Disability & Accessibility Services

This resource has made an appearance on every syllabus you’ve ever gotten from a class at Berea College. Disability & Accessibility Services specializes in accommodating students that are disabled or need a greater degree of accessibility in their academic or professional pursuits.

Disability & Accessibility Services can be found in Lincoln Hall.

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