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CMIT due for completion by winter

With construction spreading across campus while students return for the Fall semester, curiosity among the student populace continues to grow as one building goes up and another comes down.

As of now, there are two main construction projects happening: that of the CMIT Building and the building that will replace the recently demolished Edwards Building.

Rendering courtesy of Berea College

The new CMIT Building nestled in the heart of campus will house many resources for students, faculty, and staff to use. Distributed throughout its four floors, the CMIT Building

will contain offices for faculty and staff, common areas, study areas, studios and computer labs for communications-based classes and labor, a machining sector, and much more.

One of the first priorities of moving campus resources into the CMIT Building is first transferring the IT Department so they can be of assistance in setting up the other offices. They are to be moved into the CMIT Building shortly after it is due for completion on December 8th.

Rendering courtesy of Berea College

The official name of the CMIT Building remains uncertain. It has also been referred to as “Tech One,” with an incoming “Tech Two” soon to replace the Danforth Technology Building, but its name will likely change to remain in accordance with the other buildings on campus.

According to a publication on the Berea College website, the campaign to have the two new technology buildings constructed will cost about of $10 million. It is an investment into majors that have recently began to boom, such as the computer science major.

The publication reads: “[W]hen complete, [the buildings] will harness the power of computer science, digital media and information technology, and applied engineering and design (including sculpture and ceramics)…”

The building that will replace the recently demolished Edwards Building is currently in the design phase, but the design for the new iteration of the Edwards Building is expected to be completed by this winter.

“We’re trying to make sure that it not just replicates but gives homage to the old Edwards Building,” said Richard Dodd, the director of project management for the campaign.

The brick detailing, façade, and glazing will all be reiterated in the new Edwards Building, but with a “smaller footprint.” The building will house offices for staff while no longer serving as a residence hall for students. Its cornerstone, carved in October of 1902 by a student of the College at the time, as well as some of the original bricks, will be preserved as a testament to the student labor that went into the building’s creation.

With all of the construction and demolition that is happening on campus, Dodd asserts that safety is a priority. Construction staff is aware of increased traffic around the construction sites, but Dodd maintains that “safety is everyone’s responsibility.”

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