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New internship process introduced for students

As all students at Berea College know, it is an institution that is just as concerned with hiring its students as it is with educating them. The work-learning model of the College goes hand-in-hand with its new internship process—one that all students with the intention of doing a summer internship must begin before February 1st.

All students that are interested in pursuing a summer internship must complete the Intern Agreement before February 1st. Once this is completed, the students will be enrolled in a Moodle course titled Internship Prep Course.

It is important to note that students do not need an offer to complete this step, as it is more about intent than anything set into stone, so it is encouraged to do it sooner rather than later if an interest is there.

Once a student is accepted into the course, they must complete the required Internship Prep Course modules before February 15th.

“The Prep Course replaces the previously required information sessions, and breaks down the multi-step process into more manageable segments,” Esther Livingston, the Director of Internships at Berea College, writes.

“These are requirements for all interns (including those who have done internships previously), and the modules will walk you through the process for receiving academic credit and funding.”

The modules are in seven parts, listed in order below:

1. Basics

2. Identifying or Creating Your Ideal Internship

3. Preparing to Apply

4. Accepting an Offer

5. Completing and Submitting the Proposal

6. Housing & Travel

7. Funding

Each module consists of a presentation and a short quiz, and all of the answers must be correct before one can move on to the next module. All of them are required unless they are specified as optional. Assignments for each module may vary—for example, Module 3 requires one to upload a resume.

The course covers all of the necessary steps to find or create an offer, how to receive academic credit and funding, and more. Additionally, in case you forget something after you’ve completed it, you are able to go back and look over any materials you might need to be reminded of.

Thanksgiving and Winter Break are fast approaching, and either one would be an excellent time to complete all of the modules. Just keep in mind that this year’s FAFSA opens this December, so some care may be needed in pacing.

The goal of this process is to make the internship process easier for students so that the experience that comes with one can be accumulated by a broader audience.

If you have any questions, reach out to the Office of Internships and Career Development in 308 Stephenson Hall, or go to their site here.

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