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Ready to make a difference: Berea Earth Warriors

Earth Day—April 22nd—is right around the corner. What do you plan to do to celebrate and support our planet? If you’re unsure, here’s an opportunity to make a difference:

On Monday, April 22nd at the Memorial Park on W. Jefferson St., Berea Earth Warriors will be hosting an Earth Day festival and celebration from 4-9pm. The event is free to the public, and it will have live music and refreshments for attendees to enjoy. Everyone is invited—from nature enthusiasts and music enjoyers to people with a passion about our planet. Berea Earth Warriors encourages everyone to come out and celebrate Earth Day together.

Image courtesy of Berea Earth Warriors

Berea Earth Warriors is a volunteer organization that operates in and around the Berea area. Established in 2021, they host a variety of events related to their mission: “transforming the Berea area into a cleaner, greener paradise.” From community celebrations to restorative clean-ups, Berea Earth Warriors prides itself as being an organization that rises beyond the mantle of “just another non-profit.” Each of the volunteers are committed to being the change they want to see in the world.

The clean-up events are also inclusive for those who would rather not speak to others while making their contribution. Volunteers are invited to walk the grounds during and after events to pick up any litter, so even those who feel uncomfortable with interaction can still make a difference.

Aetheria Luna, the CEO and founder of Berea Earth Warriors, is originally from Arkansas. Following the terrible experiences she endured with her previous organization in her home state, she moved to Berea and brought her passion for sustainability and protecting the planet with her. Her goal of making a difference toward a stronger and greener community led to the inception of Berea Earth Warriors.

Luna is also a musician, and her music is based on the same values that Berea Earth Warriors champions in its community-cleaning endeavors. In March of last year, she released her debut single album “The Takers of the World”, which has accrued well over 300 views on YouTube.

On April 20th, during this year’s RESTORE event at the Bernheim Arboretum’s forest in Clermont from 10am-4pm, Luna will accept the Isaac Wolfe Bernheim Climate Hero Award on the behalf of Berea Earth Warriors for their three years of rigorous and dedicated volunteer work—all for the betterment of the Berea community.

Other upcoming events for the remainder of April include an Arbor Day Native Tree Identification Walk at the Pinnacles from 4-6pm (April 26th) and Owsley Reservoir Clean-Up Day at the Owsley Fork Reservoir from 1-4pm (April 28th), both of which are in the Berea area.

If you are interested in becoming part of Berea Earth Warriors and making a difference, reach out to Luna and the other Earth Warriors at

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